Aramid Fiber with Black PTFE Packing

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Description Aramid Fiber with Black PTFE Packing

Aramid fiber is woven together with high strength aramid fibers and black ptfe fibers by special process,

high strength aramid materials are woven into the packing making the product more insusceptible to abrasion.

A combination of aramid fiber with excellent properties of black ptfe fiber makes the product more resistant to wear and tear,

have better lubrication and heat transfer performance, expand the application in high pressure conditions,

suitable for high speed and high dynamic sealing medium pressure.



Temperature -100-280(℃)
Pressure Rotatory pump 5MPa,Reciprocating pump15MPa,Valve 20MPa
PHrange 2-12
Linear speed 15m/s
Size 3*3mm-90*90mm(or as request)



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