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Introduce Labyrinth Seal

This non-contact type circular sealing body prevents the leakage that is caused by pressure difference between each steps.

For reduction of leakage amount through Labyrinth Seal, it is necessary to have the seal geometry increase the flow resistance.

The Labyrinth Seal is consisted of rotor having step and stator having many tooth.

The steam is throttled when it passes through the contraction while the pressure decreases in the expansion repeating on and on,

so the leakage volume is decreased since it is equal to the pressure of Labyrinth outlet.


Maintenance efficiency and facility’s life span can be increased through the structural improvement

from the contact type oil seal to the non-contact Labyrinth Seal type


Replacement and maintenance interval can be increased semi-permanently by non-contact structural improvement


while securing stable operation of the facility by saving the maintenance cost


inventory due to shortening the delivery time and foreign products import substitution.


Product’s damage can be minimized when assembling or disassembling

due to assembly jigs while shortening the time and reducing the operator’s safety accident rate.


No heat by wearing and sealing is generated due to non-contact type that does not contact the blower shaft preventing the oil from leakage.


Over 90% of the leakage amount in oil seal type can be reduced when considering that the loss from frictional power is not caused.


Safety improved for rotator vibration in non-contact condition between the shaft and the sealing part due to the clearance in Labyrinth Seal.


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