Aramid Fiber Packing Impregnated with PTFE

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Description Aramid Fiber Packing

Aramid fiber packing impregnated with PTFE is made of Dupont’s continuous filament Kevlar yam impregnated with PTFE

emulsion and processed with lubricant.

As the strength and module of Kevlar is as high as the steel-like strength.

So this packing compared with other kinds of braided packing. They can resist more serve media and higher pressure.

It can be installed separately or as end rings with other kinds of packing to combine diferent characteristics into seals packing ring set.



Temperature -100-280(℃)
Pressure Rotatory pump 5MPa,Reciprocating pump15MPa,Valve 20MPa
PHrange 2-12
Linear speed 15m/s
Size 3*3mm-90*90mm(or as request)


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