Single Lip Spring Loaded seal

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Single Lip Spring Loaded seal

Single Lip Spring Loaded seal is mounted on the grinding roll shaft in pulverizer to prevent the oil inside the roll from leakage and as a sealing product for maintenance to prevent the pulverized coal inside pulverizer from flowing into the grinding roll inside, the product plays the most important role for stable operation and maintenance of the power generation plant.

Dimensions and designations

Table 2: Interference allowance and tolerance on d2

Outside diameter, d2 Interference allowance1) Tolerance on d22)
Up to  50 +0.3   +0.15 0.25
Over  50 up to  80 +0.35 +0.2 0.35
Over  80 up to 120 +0.35 +0.2 0.5
Over 120 up to 180 +0.45 +0.25 0.65
Over 180 up to 300 +0.45 +0.25 0.8
Over 300 up to 500 +0.55 +0.3 1.0
1) The average value for d2 taken from a number of measurements shall not be greater than the value specified for d2 plus the interference allowance. For seals having grooved outside surfaces, additional interference allowances are to be agreed upon.

2) The tolerance on d2 (i.e. d2 max– d2 min) is to be determined by taking three or more measurements equallyspaced around the circumference.

  • a) Elastomeric component
  • b) Metal insert
  • c) Garter spring
  • d) Sealing lip

Figure 1: Rotary shaft lip seal without minor lip


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